Wednesday, October 17, 2012

From the town of Mansoul

When people hear the name John Bunyan, they either think of Pilgrim's Progress, or Paul Bunyan.  Paul and John were not related, though many would consider John to be a giant as well.  John Bunyan was a Preacher and writer who lived from 1628-1688.  His more popular novel, Pilgrim's Progress, was written while in prison for "illegal" preaching during a time of great persecution in England against the "nonconformists", who opposed the Church of England.

"The Holy War" is an allegorical story similar to Pilgrim's Progress, except it tells of Mankind's fall and redemption through the story line of a city by the name of Mansoul, created by King Shaddai.

I've started reading this story and will be sharing it with you here, but not in a conventional way.  Updates from the city will be delivered from a man by the name of Message-Bearer.

Below is the first letter from the city:

Greetings to all from the town of Mansoul.  A town, in the country of Universe, that once was a reflection of the glory of King Shaddai.  It has since been overtaken by Diabolus and his army.  The people of the town were at one time innocent and simple.  The town walls, so thick, tall, and firm, would have kept them safe from harm for eternity.  And inside the beautiful town was a palace built so majestically by and for the King Shaddai to reside, with His people.  Established within its wall was a sufficiency of provisions and the most excellent and fair laws for the people. 
This Diabolus, who has overtaken the town  is a rebellious tyrant.  Once an exalted servant of King Shaddai, himself.  But he, when pride and greed did fill his heart, lead a legion of others to rebel against the King and conspire to kill his Son.  However, the King and Son, being as they are, prevented it at the first action toward those goals.  They were convicted of treason, rebellion, and conspiracy, and therefore cast them out of all places of trust, profit, and honor.  They roamed from place to place desiring to exact their revenge on the King and his Son.  Some of those in Diabolus' company went by the names of: Lucifer, Beelzebub, Legion, Tisiphone, and Apollyon.  But greatest among them was Diabolus.  They came into the country of Universe, and found there, the town of Mansoul.  Knowing it was the chief work and delight of the King, they set there hearts to overtake it.  They called a council of war to decide the best methods by which to assault and overtake the town.
The protections of the town were so great that entrance into it could only be made by consent of the citizens.  So they came to a consensus that Diabolus, by himself, should approach the town  by way of the Eargate, and in the form of an inconspicuous snake.  For at the time, all creation was looked upon with trust for there were no predators or prey, but all lived at peace with one another.  And once at the gate he laid out a deceptive speech to his hearers, for if their true intent were to be known by the citizens of Mansoul, they would have never gained entry!  All the citizens had gather at the gate, but the one feared by them most of all was Mr. Resistance.  
He began by expressing to them his dire concern for their own welfare above his own.  He spoke lies to them.  Convinced them that they are in bondage to their King by living in fear of Him if they do what is forbidden.  Also, that His laws and penalties were unreasonable.  He spoke of the forbidden fruit; how in no way is the punishment for eating it proportional to the act.  Lastly, caused doubt to rise in their hearts regarding the reason Shaddai would place a tree so attractive and fruit so delicious, and not allow them to eat of it for eternity.
 Now while Diabolus was telling these things to the townspeople, poor Mr. Resistance was shot through by an arrow from the bow of Tisiphone.  With the only man of war in the town dead, the town was without courage to resist.  And at this moment Mr. Ill-Pause proceeded forward from the ranks of Diabolus to continue the message put forth to the town.  He further convinced them into disobedience by eating the fruit of the forbidden tree.  While he was talking, the last brave man of the town, Mr. Innocence fell dead.  It's thought to be a result of the vileness spoken by Mr. Ill-Pause that brought this about.

So there fell the only brave men of Mansoul, Mr. Innocence and Mr Resistance.  The town then fell into obedience to Diabolus and became his slaves.  They gave him entrance into the town's gates, along with his army, and established him as their ruler, no longer pledging allegiance to the great King Shaddai.

The town is now in such a pitiful state, yet pursuing it's own desires apart from the law established by Shaddai.  I will keep you more informed as events come to pass.

 His Servant,

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