Tuesday, October 16, 2012

My Reading List (Oct-12)

I just thought I'd share a quick post on my current reading list.  I typically have a few things that I'm "in the middle of", like a main book for substance, a light book for enjoyment, and a book of the bible.  So here's each of those and the reasons for reading them.  I have a copy of all these on my Kindle.

  1. (Main Book) The Holy War by John Bunyan - It was free.  More importantly, I really enjoyed his earlier book, Pilgrim's Progress.  His writing style is difficult to read at times, and the language was obviously a little different in his time.  But once you get used to the flow, it is quite poetic.  He uses great imagery.  He had great insight into human nature and biblical truths that he converted to allegorical characters and situations.  In doing that it actually helps the reader to understand those truths better.  I'll start my posts on this book soon. It should be interesting.
  2. (Light Book) Twice Told Tales by Nathaniel Hawthorne - Since I've had my Kindle, I like to search out free, old public domain books.  I'm weird in that way.  I have an interest in history, and how people lived in years past.  I also, recently, developed an interest in how the general public viewed Christians and Christianity throughout history.  Those reasons, combined, led me to start this book by Nathaniel Hawthorne.  He is obviously not a Christian, and writes with a fixation on 18th century America, though he lived during the early 19th century.  The book is a collection of short stories.  Many of the stories revolve around church or churchgoing people.  Some view Christians in a negative light, but some are neutral.
  3. (Bible) Romans - Started reading and discussing through this with a couple friends from church, Gary and Chanse.  It's a New Testament book that I'm particularly fond of.  There's plenty of theology to be learned in it.  Paul lays out the essence of the new movement to the believers in Rome, in an effort to establish them in the faith.  In it he answers questions like, "What was the point of the Jewish Law, if it doesn't save us?", "How do I deal with sin, if there is no more Law?", "Did God give up on Israel because of their unfaithfulness?", and many more.

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