Sunday, December 9, 2012

Advent Reading Plan, Week 3 (Expanded)

If you've been following along, how has your time been?  Technically today is the beginning of Week 2.  However, Gabby and I started a week earlier since we'll be traveling part of the week before Christmas and also, since Christmas is on a Tuesday, week 4 would be short.  So here's week 3, in case you may be on the path as us.
The first week was on our Sinful condition, while week 2 was a look over the promises of a Savior given to ancient Israel.  This week we're looking at Jesus's claims about Himself and His new covenant.  As you read through these reflect on the majesty and grace of God as "He made known to us the mystery of His will, according to His kind intention which He purposed in Him." (Eph 1:9)

What a gracious Lord and Savior was born as a man that day long ago.  In His coming, He extended to us an incredible grace without which we are hopelessly dead in our sins.  He is Comforter to all who would come to Him for rest.
I hope you have a great week in prayer and worship to our God.  To Him be the glory.  Please don't miss the links to the songs and lyrics.

Week 3 – The Salvation of Christ (Redemption)

Day 1 – John 1:1-18
Themes:                        Jesus Christ Explained
                                     Jesus declared the Word of God

Song:                             Come Ye Sinners (Music) (Lyrics)
Prayer Ideas:                  Rejoice and Praise God for the power and majesty of Jesus

Day 2 – Matthew 3:1-17

Themes:                        Jesus’s authority and the need for repentance
                                     Jesus being baptized by John

Song:                             Poor Sinner Dejected with Fear (Music) (Lyrics)

Prayer Ideas:                 Praise God for Jesus’ earthly ministry

Day 3 – John 3:1-21

Themes:                        Doctrine of the New Birth
                                     Jesus would be the sacrifice, for eternal life

Prayer Ideas:                 Praise God for the possibility and mystery of rebirth
                                     Pray for loved ones to be born again

Day 4 – John 4:7-26

Themes:                       Jesus declares He is the Fountain of Living Water
                                    Jesus declares He is the Messiah

Prayer Ideas:                 Praise God for the fountain of Living Water
                                    Pray for our worship to be in spirit and in truth.


Day 5 – John 5:18-30

Themes:                       Jesus calls God His Father
                                    Jesus states His full submission to the Father
                                    Jesus gives life to whom He wishes
                                    Jesus has authority from the Father to judge
                                    The voice of Jesus has power to make the dead alive

Prayer Ideas:                Praise God for the mystery & perfection of the Trinity
                                   Praise God for the power and majesty of Jesus

Day 6 – John 10:22-39

Themes:                      Jesus is the Shepherd
                                   His sheep know His voice
                                   The souls of the Saints are given to Him 

Prayer Ideas:               Praise God for protecting our salvation
                                   Praise God for providing our salvation

Day 7 – John 6:28-58
Themes:                       Jesus is the bread of life
                                    Jesus will never cast out anyone who comes to Him
                                    Jesus comes from the Father and submits to Him

Prayer Ideas:                Praise God for providing wisdom and understanding
                                                    for salvation.

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