Friday, November 30, 2012

Advent Reading Plan, Week 2 (Expanded)

Here's week 2 of our Advent Reading Plan with notes included.  The previous week was a time to remember our sinfulness.  That's always a good place to start, and so I did.  Now for this week we'll move to the promises and prophecies of the coming Messiah.

God had established the Mosaic Law for the people of Israel for sin to would become evident to them and they, in turn, would see their need for a Savior.  God didn't disappoint.  Many promises were given of a great Redeemer and mighty King.

Week 2 will focus on reading through some of those promises they had of a coming Messiah.  As you read these Scriptures, please place yourself among the children of Abraham. They were waiting for this coming Savior, and they themselves were in fear and agony, living under the Law.  Sin was costly to them.  To be freed from that bondage would be joyous.

In the same way, we are still in bondage, not to the Law, but to this body of sin and death.  Let us long for the coming Savior and His kingdom with the same hope that was supplied to those were before us.

Promises of a Savior
Day 1 - Psalm 2
Themes:          Promise of a Ruler to come
                       A Mighty Ruler for all the earth

Song:              Glorious Things of Thee are Spoken

Prayer Ideas:  Pray that the rulers now would seek Him

                       Pray that the world would know Him.

Day 2 - Isaiah 42:1-9, 13-25, 43:1
Themes:          The Coming quiet Servant brings justice
                        Then the Lord comes in vengeance
Prayer Ideas:   Praise God for His righteous justice
                        Praise God for rescuing the oppressed

Day 3 - Jeremiah 23:3-6
Themes:          The Lord will be His people back together
                        The Lord will protect and provide

Prayer Ideas:   Praise God for His provisions
                        Praise God for His loving, omnipotent hand

Day 4 - Jeremiah 31:31-34
Themes:          Promise of the new Covenant
Prayer Ideas:   Praise God for His new covenant

Day 5 – Isaiah 35:3-10
Themes:          Days of joy await us

Prayer Ideas:   Prayerfully long for the future days of joy

                        Praise God for His rewards to the saints

 Day 6 - Isaiah 9:2-7
Themes:           Promise of the coming Christ
                        Christ will set free the oppressed and reign

Prayer Ideas:   Rejoice in His rescue
                        Praise Him for His goodness to us

Day 7 - Isaiah 53
Themes:            Promise of the suffering Christ
Prayer Ideas:     Praise God for the work of Christ on our behalf
                         Rejoice for His sufferings to be our mediator

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